Sapanca is the name of a lush green town close to Istanbul. Sapanca is surrounded by Sapanca Lake in the north, Adapazarı in the east, Samanlı Mountains, Geyve and Pamukova districts in the south, and Kocaeli central Izmit in the west. Sapanca Lake, which gives its name to the district, is a tectonic freshwater lake. Due to the natural beauties of the district and the lake surroundings, visitors come especially from Istanbul and the surrounding cities on weekends to breathe and rest.
The history of the district dates back to 1200 BC. With the arrival of the Anatolian Seljuks in Sapanca and its surroundings in 1075, the region began to be known as Ayan and Ayanköy. After the Crusades, the region was again in the hands of the Byzantines.
Evliya Çelebi, who passed through the town on his way to Erzurum in 1640, gives the following information about the town: Sarı Rüstem Pasha built an inn with 170 hearths in the district. It has a beautiful mosque, bath and bazaar. Imarets are covered with celestial lead. There are about 1000 tiled houses. All of the soup kitchens are Mimar Sinan buildings. Another work of Mimar Sinan is the Pertev Pasha Inn. Since most of these charitable works belong to Rüstem Pasha, they are managed by the trustees of the foundation. There is a Janissary Serdar here. To praise, the white cherry is famous. There is an oven at the bottom of the bath. With the blessing of a dervish, he makes a white and unique type of bread for bread, which has become famous all over the world under the name of sabanca loaf. Even if it stays for forty days, it is unlikely to dry out and lose its flavor. It is so famous that they took one of them with fresh sand to the Shah of Iran, and he liked it. Some say it is such a delicious and unique bread because of its juice.” and she liked it too. Some say it is such a delicious and unique bread because of its juice.” and she liked it too. Some say it is such a delicious and unique bread because of its juice.”
The historical buildings of Sapanca, where thousands of shades of green come together, also attract the attention of tourists. (Source: Wikipedia)

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