Bodrum is one of the 13 best-known districts of Muğla. Being an important tourism center is due to the fact that Bodrum has some unique features. Bodrum is known not only in Turkey but also in the world in terms of tourism. In terms of population, it surpassed Menteşe and Fethiye and became the largest district of the province. Bodrum’s old name is ‘Halikarnassos’. It is pronounced as ‘Halikarnassus’ in Turkish. The city was named ‘Petrium’ after the city was dedicated to St. Peter together with the castle called St. Peter’s Castle. Over time, this name was pronounced as ‘petrum’, then ‘potrum’ and finally ‘Bodrum’. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Bodrum kalesi
Aziz Nikolaos Kilisesi
Mozole Anıt Müzesi
Zeki Müren Sanat Müzesi
Bodrum Denizcilik Müzesi
Bodrum Sualtı Arkeoloji Müzesi
Popüler Bodrum Tatil Köyleri
Bodrum Antik Tiyatro
Bodrum Koyları
Tavşan Adası


Hane Ocakbaşı
Dinç Restaurant
Sultan Bahçe Restaurant
The Royal Restaurant
Konya Uğurlu
Annalivia Restaurant
Ricks Place
La Pasion Restaurant
El Vino Restaurant